miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011


The C.D.L party, is form by a group of people like you, with hopes and dreams to fulfil so we fight to improve our lives. We are transparent and humble and have the same concerns and problems as you have. The people in C.D.L party, will fight for equality and same opportunities, in another words, we will work in your side.
We offer the capacity for work, honesty, devotion, but above all come to listen and try to find a solution to your problems when they arise.
Those who govern us now (and will like continuing governing us) in the future, had given all they have and had failed. To trust them again, will be business as usual. The same political patronage, cronyism and “JOBS FOR THE BOYS“, while the rest will continue the same, high unemployment, delinquency, lack of security in our streets and nothing to encourage business or new ideas to help fight the crisis.
The C.D.L party, will like to change all this creating another for of government which brings hopes and opportunities for us all. To do this, we need your trust, we are not looking for personal gains, but think that there are many things that can be improve in Pilar de la Horadada and will work to do so. Now all depend on you, a change is possible, if on May 22 you vote C.D. L, you will see it happens

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